Terms & Conditions

1. You will have to come over to the boutique or courier us the bag; charges borne by you. 
2. The items will be displayed in the boutique (Bangsar or Subang) with our commission on top of your price. Meaning you will get back the exact amount that you agreed upon. 
3. All payment will be banked in (via cheque) to your account before the 10th of every month, if your item has been sold. For example, lets say your item is sold on the 5th of July, you will get your cheque ON OR BEFORE the 10th of August. 
4. However, your items will only be displayed after authentication of your items. If it is not found to be authentic, or it is questionable, we will shipped the items back to you; charges borne by you.
5. If you wish to take your items BEFORE 90 DAYS, a fee of RM100 is applied. This is for advertising, our posting on website and facebook, tagging and upkeep of your items.
6. You will not be charged anything if you take your items AFTER 90 DAYS and you are welcome to take back your items (Courier and packaging charges bourne by you)

1. Layaway or Cash installment is 30% upfront and the balance can be paid up to 60-90 days (as agreed betweem both GORGEOUS LUXURY and buyer). However, buyer can only take the bag after full payment is made. Deposit is NOT REFUNDABLE but transferable between bags.
2. Credit card intsallment is up to 12months installments and is subject to 3% interest (subject to bank's approval)



1. Preorder would be 60% deposit of the price quoted (do email us a PICTURE and MODEL CODE for a quotation).

*Price quoted is only valid 7 days from date quoted

2. Item will arrive 10-15 days from the date of deposit.
3. If item is not available, we will provide full refund (via cheque)


1. We are not responsible for any loss/fault after item has been posted.