We offer Layaway!

Make as many payments as you need.

60-90 days to complete payment (based on price of item)

Layaway allows you to buy an item using payment installments over time so you can buy that must-have bag now even if you don't yet have all the funds available.

The bag will be sent to you after the final payment is complete.

Down Payment & Term Length

A 30% down payment of the bag is required to put a bag on layaway. The full payment must be received within 60-90 days (as agreed by both parties) before the bag is taken by customer. (Deposit and payments made on layaway are non-refundable but transferable between bags)

Cancellation and Other Fees

Layaway/Cash Installment is absolutely FREE as long as you follow the guidelines.

Deposit and payments made for layaway is non-refundable but transferable between items in the store.

*Deposit is per bag and cannot be combined

Items are automatically cancelled if payment is not received by the agreed time. Item that is being put on layaway can be sold by us and customer would have to choose another item.